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The Annual Workmen's Dinner will be at Lakeview Grill in Yorkville, again this year.

The date is Saturday February 10th at 6pm. There will be a cash bar cocktail hour from 6pm to 7pm. Dinner will be at 7pm.

If you have completed your work Sundays for 2017 you and one guest are eligible to attend the dinner.

There will be a sign up list at the next club meeting January 8th.

You can also contact Dave at dbuesing@newarksportsmensclub.com or call him at (708) 514-1354.

The deadline to sign up is Monday February 5th.

Annual Member Meeting
February 12, 2018

Member dues and proof of NRA membership are required to renew your membership.

Don't forget to save your receipt as proof if you do not think your new card will show up before the meeting.

The club is an NRA club. An NRA membership is required to be of a member of the Newark Sportsmen's Club.

As a last resort the club does sign members up for the NRA after the meeting.

* ~ *

Remeber to have your workdays done before hunting.

Remeber to put your pin in the board when you go out and remove it when you come in.

Gun range is closed daily until 10:00 a.m. during deer season.

Know the rules! Club and IDNR rules/laws must be followed.

We all have to get along so repect the other hunters and be safe out there.

Good luck!

◈ The club has outlined all important dates and made them available for print or download.

Here: 2017 Calendar Dates

◈ Rules and by-laws are posted on the site.


Send your hours to this email address: workhours@newarksportsmensclub.com

Trap News

◈ The club hold trap shoots every Friday and the SECOND Saturday of every month starting at 7pm

◈ All Trap shoots are open to the public.
See Trap page for more information.

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