Newark Sportsmen's Club Supports the DNR's Illinois Youth Deer Permit Program. To read how you can take your child on a hunt see the DNR website or contact club member Keith Conlee.

Hunters be sure to mark the location of your deer stand with blue pin on the hunter's check in board and with a red pin when you are hunting. The hunter's check in station is located at the pavilion by the electrical breakers.


1. Work days must be completed before hunting is allowed on club grounds.

2.All deer stands must be marked with the owner's name and blue pin marking location on the map, red pin marking when occupied.

3. Archery hunting in designated areas and permission slip obtained from the president or a member of the board.

4. No hunting without proper license, stamps, and a valid FOID card. ALL STATE LAWS APPLY.

5. No children under the age of 16 are allowed to hunt without being in direct eyesight of parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must have a valid FOID card and hunting license.

6. Deer stands are allowed from the Tuesday after the third weekend of September through February 15th. The board of directors has the authority to remove any deer stands that is in violation and it will become the property of NSC.

7. Shotgun and muzzle loader hunting is allowed only by special permit. Any member with a permit must wear orange per state rules.

8. No guest hunters.

9. NO Hunting south of the range after 9:30 AM.

10. The use of motorized vehicles for hunting shall be restricted to: removal of game, moving of tree stand or other hunting concealment devices and the moving of hunting equipment or decoys.

ATV’s or other motorized vehicles shall not be used to transport persons to and from stands unless otherwise stated or a physical handicap requires the use of such equipment.

Check hunter's board before entering the woods!

2018 Hunter Safety Class


If you are interested in the Hunter Safety Course please call contact Ken Lindstrom at (815)210-4995 kenal55@yahoo.com or Dave Buesing at (630)554-3675 or email at dbuesing@newarksportsmensclub.com
Saturday there will be a lunch break of approximately one half to one hour. Lunch is not served so either bring onefrom home or the closest food option is the Subway in Newark located at the BP or there is also the County Kitchen. Plano also has fast food restaurants. These classes fill up fast and these are the only dates we are scheduling. Do not wait until the last minute to sign up. There are approximately 50 spots per class.
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