Club News

Happy Squirrel Hunting!! Be Safe Out There.

◈ The club has outlined all important dates and made them available to for print or download.

Here: 2017 Calendar Dates

◈ Rules and by-laws are posted on the site.


Send your hours to this email address: workhours@newarksportsmensclub.com

Archery News

◈ The next Archery shoot for 2017 will be held on
Saturday August 19th and Sunday August 20th.

Signup is from 7am-2pm.

◈ See the Archery page for the 2017 schedule.
All Archery shoots are open to the public.

◈ The club will open up for members after the woods have been cleared, around 5pm. Call or email for time.

Trap News

◈ The club hold trap shoots every Friday and the SECOND Saturday of every month starting at 7pm

◈ All Trap shoots are open to the public.
See Trap page for more information.

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