Trap News

Newark Sportsmen’s club has two trap fields and boasts one of the only wobble trap fields in the area. Whether it is for shooting practice or games, we encourage shooters of all skill levels to come out. We shoot every Friday night starting at 7pm with Texas Hold’em being palyed in between shoots. We host a morning shoot starting at 8am the last Sunday of each month during the months of March through October during our breakfast buffet.

A trap shooting membership will begin and end as the same calendar year as a regular club membership. A trap shooting membership will entitle a membership reduced fee for shooting trap. The fee will be decided by the trap chairman. A trap shooting membership will not entitle the member to any other club functions or facility. The fee can only be changed at the annual meeting.

We play Annies and Protection and all shoots are open to the public. We like to see new shooters come out and will even show newbies the ropes in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Newark has hosted leagues in the past and may do so again if there is enough interest. Cost to shoot Trap for Members, seniors, and juniors is $4.00 and for Non Members it is $5.00. Come out and shoot with us! For more information contact Randy at rm0637@hotmail.com or "Skip" Schultz the Trap Chairman 815-217-1046

Trap Range Rules

1. All guns shall be open and empty when in racks, or being carried to or from the shooter station.

2. No shot larger than 7 1/2 at any time, periodically 9 shot must be used when deemed necessary by the trap chairman for our neighbor's safety.

3. Light field and trap loads are permitted.

4. Eye and ear protection is required when on the trap range.

5. No snap caps in the club house.

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