10251 Fox River Dr.
Newark, IL 60541

There is no dove hunting allowed behind the clubhouse on the weekend's
The range will remain closed until 10am. This will remain in effect until January 16th
Sunday the 31st is the final trap shoot for this year during the club breakfast

Cash raffle winning numbers!

940 and 049

Winners for the 3 gun Raffle!

Dave Buesing - S&W M&P Sport II 5.56/223
Craig Klenzman - Glock 43 9mm 3.39" Batwrn Brnz Dist. Flag
Steve Lange Savage - II Hog Hunter OD Green 308

Thank you to Joe Pszotka and Logan Kraber for helping trenching this past weekend!

Work Hours

All work hours must be turned into Staci Withrow via Email or text message.

Email: NSCSecretary2@outlook.com

Phone: (815) 600-4104