Newark Sportsmen's Club

Club elections will be held on December 09, 2019 at the club meeting.

Nominations were held at the October 14, 2019 meeting, below is a list of nominees.

President: Dave Buesing
Vice President: Scott Clark
Secretary: Rick Winninger
Treasurer: Kirk Nauman

Craig Klenzman
Steve Sloan
Ken Lindstrom
Tony Houle
Ryan Kerner

You will vote for 3 of the 5 for director.

Article XI Elections
Section 1. Nominations will be made at the October meeting and nominations must be made in person. The nominee need not be present but must have accepted either by letter, text, or email to the Secretary no later than the Friday prior to the nomination meeting. Nomination must be accepted and seconded by the members present at the meeting.

Section 2. The nominees will be posted on the club’s webpage for all members to see no later than one (1) week after the nomination meeting.

Section 3. Proxy votes will be allowed but must be received by the Secretary no later than the Friday before the election meeting to the Secretary only. Any votes sent either to board members or officers other than the Secretary will not be counted. The secretary will verify member is in good standing. The President or appointed board member or officer will verify proxy votes on the night of election to ensure members are not present to vote and are in good standing. Proxy votes must be sent either by letter, text, or email with the member’s name and votes for election. Member may vote for one (1) of each President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Member may also enter no more than three (3) votes for board of directors. Member’s names will be blacked out so the vote remains secret but the secretary will retain these records.

Section 4. The election will take place at the December meeting and will be run by the President. All votes present and proxy (received the Friday before) will be allowed at this time and counted.

Section 5. No mailings will be sent out, all communication on nominations and elections will be posted on the web page. The club will not send out absentee ballots so members that cannot attend will be allowed proxy votes.

Due to needed repairs the pistol side of the range is closed until further notice. The Rifle range (50 & 100 yard ) is still available for you to use. You can use the 50/100yd for rifle or pistol. Have fun and be safe!


New Section

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Pictures are coming back to the website. There is a new picture gallery section on the website. If you have any pictures you wish to contribute email the file to me HERE File formats, .jpg and .png only.

Friendly Reminder



Woodchuck season has been open since June. Squirrel opened in August. There is still plenty of time and even more to do. You must have your workdays completed before you are allowed to hunt at the club. There are lots of things to do around the club. It is a lot of property and because of this, there is always something that needs to be maintained. If you miss the scheduled workday don't worry. You can contact an officer or board member to ask if there is something you can help with.