Special Announcement's

Member meetings have been moved to the second Sunday of the month at 7:30pm.

Hunter Safety Training

There will be hunter training classes at the club on June 5th and August 14th

There are no walk-ins allowed. All that will be required is a notepad and writing utensil.

It is the policy of IDNR that youth under the age of (10) must be accompanied to and during the safety education courses by an adult or guardian at least sixteen years of age.

Mere attendance of a safety education training and taking a written test will not guarantee the passing of this course. Multiple criteria such as mental and physical acuity, the ability to demonstrate and recognize safe procedures, attitude and the maturity level of each individual student will be a factor assessed by the instructors in the final certification process.

Students are required to complete a final written exam on their own abilities, without assistance from parents or guardians, unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon with the class instructors.

Newark Sportsmans Club is looking to update the logo. We are looking to get ideas from members for this update It will be used on clothing, hats and other merchandise. Please incorporate as much as the club has to offer in the design.

This is a contest and the winner will recieve a hat and shirt with their logo on it!

You must turn in your design no later then April 10, 2021 at noon.

All designs must be Emailed to Staci Withrow.

Our first club breakfast of the year is almost upon us!

We will need a total of Seven volunteer's to help us on March 28th.

If you are interested in helping please click HERE to sign up.

All work hours must be turned into Tammie and work credit given will be for actual hours worked.