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Prowler Raffle

Want a chance to win a Prowler 500?

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On Saturday, September 14, 2019, the Newark Sportsmen's Club needs help selling raffle tickets. We will be selling tickets during the Youth Football games located at the Yorkville Middle School.
This event is a special one to support Mike Siddon. Five ($5) dollars of every Prowler ticket sold from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on September 14, 2019, will go to support Mike. #TeamMike #SiddonStrong

Due to needed repairs the pistol side of the range is closed until further notice. The Rifle range (50 & 100 yard ) is still available for you to use. You can use the 50/100yd for rifle or pistol. Have fun and be safe!
Dove hunting hours have been posted on the calendar. Check the calendar before heading into the woods for anything.


Dove Hunting

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Dove hunting dates and hours are posted on the CALENDAR. It is a good idea to know these dates even if you do not hunt doves or any other species. There is very few things worse than having limited slot times to hunt and a noisy person or quad comes through the woods scaring everything away besides the squirrels that obviosly have Jason Bourne DVD's in their nest. Everyone enjoys the woods differently. Show respect and the same will be returned.

Friendly Reminder



Woodchuck season has been open since June. Squirrel opened in August. Dove season is now open. There is still plenty of time and even more to do. You must have your workdays completed before you are allowed to hunt at the club. There are lots of things to do around the club. It is a lot of property and because of this, there is always something that needs to be maintained. If you miss the scheduled workday don't worry. You can contact an officer or board member to ask if there is something you can help with.