Camping at Newark Sportsmen's Club

Whether you’re planning a family outing without the laptop and video games, looking to kick back and relax next to a roaring bonfire with a cold beer, or just want to get away from the noisy city sounds and lights, the Newark Sportsmen’s Club Campground has the atmosphere for you. This beautiful lakeside acreage accommodates a variety of entertainment and activities for all ages.

This terrain includes 38 acres of all the great outdoors has to offer when it comes to recreation. On land, the beautiful trails cover much of the landscape. Most take advantage of these by hiking or, if you like a little speed, ATV’s are also welcome. For fun, a few of the local favorites include games like ‘corn hole’ beanbag toss, horseshoe pits, and various beach games. For those of you who like to get their feet wet, the campground has a tranquil lake for all to take a dip. If you dare, there is a floating raft near the center of the swimming area for our expert swimmers to rest or to soak up a bit more sun. You can also experience the lake by using our paddle boats, fishing and row boats that are available to you and your family to enjoy without getting wet. Of course, we can’t forget our covered porch swings and pavilion that overlooks the lake and beach for those who desire peacefulness.

There are countless hours of enjoyment for even our littlest guests. Conveniently located where all can see is the playground where you can find swings, a daring slide, the forever-spinning merry-go-round, gymnastic rings, or play a game of basketball on our court

Just beyond the playground is the campground area surrounded by a beautiful tree line. We encourage all to stay for dinner and even rest under a blanket of stars where the campground has seven fire pits. Grilling is even an option for those who master the art and even for those just looking to try. Newark’s campground includes acres of ample green grass and there are 17 power stations and multiple outlets. Motor homes, travel trailers, pop ups and tents are all welcome on the campground. An overnight stay is always an option. A dump station was installed in 2012 to the north of the club house for members only. Restrooms and the shower house are available near the clubhouse.

Everything on our campground is easily accessible - from the restrooms to the beach, parking to campsites, and playground to pavilion. For everyone’s camping enjoyment the club has rules to ensure the safety and benefit of all members. Newark Sportsmen’s Club is so close, yet you feel a million miles away. So, pack up the family, even if it’s just for the day, and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Campground Rules

1. Storage fees for campers will be $125.00 per year. This fee must be paid in advance. All campers will be numbered by the board of directors. The storage area is for paid members campers only, whom have completed both workdays and the equivalent as approved by the board (Due to medical reasons or if handicapped please see the President or Vice President.). Camper storage is limited to one per membership. Storage is to be used by members utilizing the campground. If the camper is not used in the campground, storage will be forfeited, and the camper will be removed from club property by the member.

2. Camping units (campers, tents, etc.) must use sites within the Harry Kreider Memorial Campgrounds. In the event the campground is full, the area at the top of the hill may be used. Camping outside designated areas is allowed only if approved by the club president or board of directors.

3. Camping units should not remain in one zone for more than 2 weeks. Tents shall be moved each week. See map posted in the campground.

4. Campers should be removed from the camping area when not attended for more than 48 hours. If your storage fee is paid, the camper must be parked along the east end of the campground along the fence line. If no fee has been paid, the camper must be removed from club property.

5. Extended camping of more than 2 weeks at one time will be charged $25.00 per day. This fee will be due on the 15th day of consecutive camping. Camping will be allowed free of charge again (except for electric fees) after a 2-week interval of not using the camping facilities. No camper should be in use more than 2/3rds of any given month without prior given consent from the board.

6. When not in storage, campers left unattended for more than 5 days and/or in 1 zone for more than 2 weeks, will be moved by NSC and a fee of $50.00 will be charged. It is very important for camp ground maintenance and to the fairness of all campers that you move your camper. The board of directors has the authority to request or remove any camper from club property that abuses the rules. The only exception to this rule is in the case of the grounds being too wet. In the occurrence of heavy rain or rains causing the grounds to be exceptionally wet, please use good judgment and remove camper as soon as ground is firm. If grounds are damaged and not repaired, the club reserves the right to fix damage and asses a $50 repair fee plus materials to the parties responsible.

7. Only designated fire pits may be used for campfires no ground fires. No oil will be allowed for the use of burning. Discretion should be used as to the amount of wood used. Firewood may be brought to the club for burning if it is not treated, when leaving stack firewood so as not to obstruct the mowing of grass.

8. Pets must be kept under control of the owner or on a leash (max 10 ft) while in the campground. No pets in the swimming area. Clean up after your pets.

9. Power generators will be turned off by 11:00 pm, when campers are present. Quiet time is 11:00pm thru 8:00 am.

10. Electric for campers, tents, etc. is $3.00 per day If you plug it in you must drop it in. If your electric is not on the breaker box is at the pavilion. Payment should be placed in the payment box at the pavilion by the electric breaker box. Please put your name on the envelope. Envelopes for payment will be located at the pavilion by the telephone. PLEASE write your name and dates on the outside of the envelope and deposit in the box.

11. When moving your camper, please clean up your campsite of any garbage and remove all camper leveling boards

12. On Sundays, the blue garbage cans should be emptied into the dumpster.

There are grills are for anyone's use up by the pavilion.

Fires in designated fire pits only.

No outside storage around campers everything you have should be stored on your camper.

The shower house is the building on the north side of the clubhouse.

Showers are .50¢

Please clean up after yourselves!