Newark Sportsmen's Club has a main lake of approximately 2.5 surface acres and a smaller lake further north of the main lake. The average depth of the main lake is 8 feet with an area down to 20 feet. There is approximately 1/3 mile of shoreline with steep hills on one side. The water level is maintained by underground pipeline coming from the back smaller lake. Weed control is an issue we try to keep up with. We keep the weeds to a minimum and use an air diffuser to maintain the oxygen level in the water.

For the anglers we have several areas to fish from shore including a pier along some of the hillside. We also have a few boats available for member use (1st come 1st serve). Oars and life preservers (in house by beach) are supplied by the club and flotation devices are required by the club. Trolling motors are allowed but no gas motor. Fishing is off limits in the wading area.

The lake is stocked annually. We have stocked it with hybrid bluegills, channel catfish, largemouth bass, rainbow trout and walleye. We also stock minnows to keep up the food supply. We stock the lake in the fall so the trout are good for the ice fishermen. We order the largest of the species our supplier offers to keep the fishing fun for everyone.

Lake Rules

1. No fishing in wading area - from the beach to the first rope. Fishing is allowed in the swimming area when no swimmers are present.

2. No minnows allowed as live bait.

3. No gasoline motors allowed on the lake. Electric trolling motors are permitted.

4. No fish of any kind are to be added to the lake without express permission of the lake chairman.

5. No fish are to be discarded on club grounds.

6. When possible, fish should be taken home to be cleaned. When fish are cleaned on club property, remains and scraps of fish are to be disposed of properly.

7. Two trout may be harvested per day per family from Dec. 1 thru Oct. 1. (no harvest from October 2 to November 30) Two catfish may be harvested per day per family. No walleye may be harvested until posted. All other creel and size limits will be posted near the lake.

8. No children under the age of 16 can use club boats unless accompanied by an adult. All boaters must have flotation device in the boat. Children under 16 must wear a life jacket. Boats are not to be overloaded.

9. No person allowed on ice alone. No children under the age of 16 allowed on the ice without an adult.

10. Return all N.S.C. property to their proper storage area.

11. Guests are not allowed to harvest fish at any time.

12. Anyone fishing over the age of 16 must have a current Illinois fishing license.

13. Guest fishing is catch and release only.