Range Report

Newark Sportsmen’s Club features an outdoor rifle/pistol range with 4 shooting stations. It accommodates shooters at 100, 75, 50, and 25 yards and can handle multiple shooters at the same time. The range is open year-round during daylight hours except when the clubhouse is hosting an event or before 10:00 A.M. during hunting season. During all such events the range will be closed without exception. Please check the calendar for other closures.

The range is for club members and their guests only. We allow drawing from the hip or holster and allow a wide range of weapons and calibers but insist that no armor piercing, tracer bullets, bird, field or buckshot load permitted at any time. Fully automatic weapons, trigger cranks or any aftermarket devices that allow conversion to full auto or partial auto firing are also not allowed. Please see the rules page before enjoying Newark’s rifle and pistol range and always remember to pick up after yourselves when using the range.

All shooters are expected to use proper eye and hearing protection on the range. Guns must be open and unloaded except on firing line. Gun racks are available in the Clubhouse and on ranges. All shooters are expected to follow relevant laws regarding possession, transportation and use of firearms. Unsafe firearms will not be permitted. Proper etiquette and courtesy are expected. The Club grounds are private property. Anyone deemed to be in violation of safety procedures will be asked to leave.

Range Rules

1. Children 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

2. Bird and field shot are allowed at designated backstops

3. No fireworks permitted at any time.

4. No armor piercing or tracer bullets allowed at any time.

5. No fully automatic weapons, trigger cranks or any aftermarket devices that allow conversion to full auto or partial auto firing allowed.

6. All shooters are expected to clean up the range area after shooting. Glass and steel targets are not to be used. Pop cans and milk cartons should be removed and placed in the trash.

7. All targets must be placed on the face of the backstop, NOT ON TOP for safety reasons.

8. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances allowed on the range. Anyone under the influence is not permitted on the range.

9. Range is closed during organized work parties, trap shoots, and clubhouse functions.

10. Thirty-minute time limit when someone is waiting for the range. Alternating in 30 min intervals.

11. Eye and ear protection is required when on the rifle range.

12. The range shall be CLOSED until 10:00 AM from Oct 1 to Jan 15 (determined by IDNR), for hunting.

13. Non-members will be charged a range fee of $10 per-person/per-day. Please put the fee in the provided envelopes with member and guest names along with fee prior to use of the gun range. Fee does not apply to member's spouse and children under 21.